Equalizer - Parallel Rendering  v.0.55

Equalizer - Parallel Rendering is an open source project providing a minimally invasive programming interface and resource management system for parallel, scalable OpenGL applications.

VeryDOC PDF Rendering SDK  v.2.10

VeryDOC PDF Rendering SDK (ActiveX) is a PDF file viewer component.


Direct Rendering Infrastructure  v.1.0

The direct rendering infrastructure (DRI) allows is a means of safely and efficiently accessing graphics hardware while still interacting with the X environment.

Mythox Rendering System  v.1.0

Mythox Rendering System is an open source photorealistic renderer employing radiosity, ray tracing, photon mapping, BSSRDF and will supportMax, Maya as a plugin.

OpenGL/FreeType Text Rendering Library  v.0.9

OGLFT is an interface library between OpenGL and FreeType 2 for rendering text.

Report Rendering Engine  v.0.9.1

Generates any PDF/TXT report without any headaches with a new geneartion report rendering engine.

SILGraphite: rendering non-roman scripts  v.

Graphite is a project within SIL's scripts and software dev groups to provide cross-platform rendering for complex writing systems.

Sunflow Rendering System  v.0.07.2

Sunflow is a rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis.

Adanaxis Rendering Demo  v.0.1.1

This is a demo of a forthcoming game in four spatial dimensions. The game takes place in a world entirely different to everyday experience. As well as left/right, up/down and forward/back, there's another direction in space - the fourth dimension.

EXtendible Java Rendering Toolkit  v.b06

XJRT is an open source Java renderer with a ray tracing backend.

Ghia: a Java Rendering Engine  v.1.0

Ghia is a 3d library which allows consumers to switch between various software and hardware renderers.

OGRE (O-O Graphics Rendering Engine)  v.1.7.4

An efficient, object-oriented hardware accelerated 3D engine.

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